Salah & Firmino help Reds ease past Porto | FC Porto 1-4 Liverpool | Highlights

The Reds eased past Porto in the Champions League quarter-final, to set up a semi -final against Barcelona.

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35 opiniones en “Salah & Firmino help Reds ease past Porto | FC Porto 1-4 Liverpool | Highlights”

  1. Please the scouts unit of Liverpool FC as a die hard Liverpool fan from Africa, can you please watch RODRIGO DE PAUL of udinese, the guy is a good replacement for coutinho and it won't cost much.. Please sign this guy.. Anyone that can take this to the club should please do..

  2. Can Liverpool Do the Double?
    DISLIKE : FOR NONE!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Please DO NOT Read it. because you helping liverpool to win EPL & UCL this year.

    let manifest and visualise
    What if Liverpool win EPL this year
    what if Liverpool win UCL this year

  4. มีคนไทย ไหมครับขอมือหน่อย✋✋✋???

  5. Salah I hope you are watching this and checking the comment s
    This is an advice from someone who really sees you as a great player. LEAVE THAT CLUB and go to a club that appreciates you. Milner didn't give you the penalty when you are racing for the golden boot. Mane and Arnold rarely pass the ball to you. Klopp always praising everyone in the team but rarely you unless he is forced by journalists. Even fans don't see the impact you did for the team. Liverpool was a lost case for so many years then you and van Dik came and now you are racing for the league and got into the CL finals. I don't understand Why did you renew your contract till 2023 .. why do you stay in a club that doesn't appreciate you. Leaveeeee!!!!! And let me tell you even if they won they won't even give you any credit for it!! Even if you are the top scorer and the reason why mane is getting the praise because defenders of other teams are going after you and giving him the chance to have the ball & score. If you come to Manchester city with pep or to RM with Zidane or Barca with Messi..You will prove your quality.. BE SMART!!

  6. The way Porto fans were hyping up that marega guy you'd think he's R9 or something, the guy is absolute dogshit.

  7. YNWA LIVERPOOL TILL I DIE❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  8. The LFC youtube video producer must be back from an extended holiday. My dude has taken his time to get these highlights out.

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