Compilation of Arsenal fans reactions to FC Porto vs Arsenal the match was originally played on 21st February 2024 for the 2023/24 UEFA Champions League.

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  2. Arsenal has never win a game at Porto. Why should it be in 2024?
    Hope Arsenal fans went to Porto' s museum, there are 2 champions league cups, 2 UEFA leagues 1 European Supercup and 2 Intercontinental cups! Maybe one day Arsenal will be able to show a Champions League cup to his fans …

  3. The problem with big teams like Arsenal and others is to underestimate Portuguese teams, especially FC Porto, while Arsenal has no champions, Porto already has 2.

  4. I honestly believe arrogance doesn't score goals or win games! And these idiots, not being able to recognize the sublime Galeno's goal, just show they're still as imbeciles as they come! Cheers to the second guy who said it was well deserved! Man, you rock… BTW, how many champions league cups arsenal has? I believe… TWO less than FCPorto! Grow up and be fucking humble! As we say in Portugal "Não contes com o ovo no cu da galinha"… Google it!… Obviously, nothing is decided yet but, accordingly to the arsenal geniuses, it was over before even started!!!

  5. As a portuguese, I missed this since last year against Sporting CP. I love those arrogants being dumped by his own words. "Pray for Porto" they said😂

  6. Arsenal is shocking. I have been playing Porto on my bet and the loose to low teams in Portugal like Arouca, Estrela and Farense. With the pedigree of Arsenal they should be winning such game.

  7. My only problem with Raya was that shot had no power whatsoever. You can’t be getting curled at a shot from 30m like that for an elite level gk.

  8. Porto fully deserved to win the game against us… what was Arteta's gameplan in this game… None of these players showed up at all… They played scared, nervous, and have no ideas once Plan A don't work!!! Better get this turn around at the Emirates in 3 weeks' time on March 12th…

  9. How I do understand Arsenal fans.
    Its as been more then 2 months of continuos disrespect to Porto seems the draw. Now all the reputation of the trashtalk and nasty words its all crumbled after this Knoking dow punch.

  10. If Arteta doesn't stop playing Raya and Havertz we are not going to win anything. Ramsdale makes game winning saves and is million times better than Arteta's Spanish mate Raya. Havertz is just shite fullstop. JORGINHO and Rice in midfield is as strong as we can get.

  11. They do realise there are 2 legs right 🤷🏽‍♀️🙄🤣🤣🤣! Arsenal fans keeping us all entertained with their craziness 😜

  12. Arsenal defenders giving away the ball twice in one play leading to the goal but arsenal fans immediately blame Raya for it🤣🤣clowns

  13. why they all so ignorant and toxic? we still have a chance because we play at our ground next match. they still dare call themself Arsenal's fans? support our team even they lose or win! those people just shid 💩 they talk like they can do anything and know something about football.

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